care kits should be ordered prior to wedding to ensure availability and picked up at your preview appointment for bridal party members. 1 care kit is included in the bridal makeup package service. artists do not carry extra kits.

Care Kits

Luxury hair and makeup services offer great longevity, but they are not bulletproof. Introducing our value packed Care Kits! These kits are a combination of touch up kit, emergency kit and makeup removal kit all in one! When working on bringing touch up kits back - we wanted to be more thorough. For us, it made sense to make it an all-in-one kit so that every single bridal party member can feel prepared for what the day is going to bring, as well as the morning after (oh my)!

Our Care Kits include the following:

+ Touch up lip w/ applicator
+ Touch up powder w/ sponge
+ Blotting Sheet 
+ Lash Glue
+ Hand held mirror
+ Mini Hairspray
+ Bobby Pins (dark & blonde)
+ Hair Elastic
+ Straw
+ 2-Pack Advil
+ Tissue

+ Mint
+ Wet One
+ Emergenc-C Pack
+ Cleansing cloth w/ cleanser embedded 
+ Face cleansing / makeup removal balm
+ Makeup Remover wipe
+ Q-tip
+ Coupon for 20% off at Skin Haven
+ Patchology Hydrating Sheet Mask
+ Patchology Hydrating Under-eye Gels
+ Floss Pick


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