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The Haven is a space that was dreamed of for years by owner Emily Blake. After a decade + as a bridal makeup artist, experience showed that there was a need for a space such as The Haven. Gone are the days of a gloomy hotel room or space with no natural light, electrical outlets, tables, chairs etc. The Haven is specifically designed to make the getting ready time of your wedding day the most positive and beautiful experience - while ensuring every photo has the perfect backdrop.

In addition to the needs for a dedicated space, there is often an issue of venues allowing bridal parties to enter early enough to start hair and makeup services. And if they do allow it, it comes with a hefty hourly price tag after the already large investment in the venue itself. That never sat right with Emily. At The Haven, we offer an all inclusive day rate so that you never feel rushed or over charged.

The Haven was specifically curated and designed to appeal to brides for their wedding day getting ready time. This is such a special time for brides and their loved ones that having a space that helps enhance that experience is worth the investment. You can find this beauty conveniently located in Westerville Ohio not far from I-270.

The Haven is equipped with over 1,000 sq ft featuring a service area that can accommodate up to 4 hair and makeup services (you bring your beauty provider), a large lounge area, bathroom, large dressing room that has racks, hooks and a steamer for your use while also offering a kitchenette with a full fridge so you can create the mimosa bar and pastry table of your dreams!

Our space is ideal for those brides who desire a more private getting ready experience while also ensuring the backdrop to every getting ready photo is perfectly lit and gorgeous. 


The Haven

Curated specifically for today's modern bride.

Frame worthy getting ready photos.

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*please note: our bridal suite is open to any bride - you do not have to be booked with brides by blake to rent the suite. however, if you are a brides by blake bride you will receive a $100 discount on the rental!